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GMO Foods and a response on the Monsanto Protection Act

GloFish / An Example of a GMO / Image Source: Wikipedia.

Published on March-29th-2013 by Kevin / (New York, NY)

I have had Inflammatory Bowel Syndrome (or IBS) since Mid-2009, it's been a hard 4 years for me, but I have to make several diet changes, however there is something that is unavoidable. Something that is unclear. Something that is just not regulated enough in the food industry. While I can know which food is organic or not, and which food has allergens or not. There is a type of food that we can be allergic to too and it is not labeled, and that is GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) Foods.

According to several researches I did, GMO Foods can cause a lot of underlying health problems, including Inflammatory Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Crohn's Disease and Colon Cancer. In fact GMO Foods can do more than just cause digestive health problems, it will weaken your immune system, it will also weaken the ecosystem on Planet Earth, the planet that sustains all of us to live, breathe and enjoy everyday life on. There are definitely, many more problems it could cause within our own bodies and the ecosystem around us.

While companies like Monsanto Company touts it as sustainable, it is not sustainable. These GMO's actually do more harm to the crop because the natural Genes are changed and the food can be more spoilable and ungrowable. And while Monsanto and alike companies touts that we'll avoid a famine. GMO's are not the answer. As we heard enough about people telling us to eat more fruits and vegetables, which is good, these GMO's being injected into them is causing the fruit and vegetable's natural nutrition to change defeats the purpose of eating these foods because while we are getting now somewhat of a nutrition, along with it comes the unnatural pollutant, GMO.

While I said plenty about plants, there comes the harm in animals as well. GMO's will cause unnatural growth in animals. GMO's will also cause fish, as an example, to grow abnormally faster. Also, if you look into the main photo on the Wikipedia Page Regarding GMO, the color of fish can be altered. GMO's could also grown other organs in places usually not seen, like a human ear on the back of a mouse, while it is cool too look it, it's not cool to consume it. If consumed, GMO could also affect the future of birth, like trouble having children, if a child is born, he or she can have more chances of being disabled physically and mentally.

Consuming GMO Foods is literally like consuming something a thousand times worse than any other popular things that is regulated under the FDA and USDA. As well as those that aren't, like High Fructose Corn Syrup and Aspartame. Sadly, these types of foods are not regulated by the FDA and USDA enough, they are often not brought up into the news due to the power of many multi-national companies, especially, Monsanto Company of Creve Coeur, Missouri as well as the self-interest of those, like Monsanto Company.

As a topic inline to the recent passage of the Monsanto Protection Act by the Legislative and Executive Branch in Washington D.C. This gives further reasoning that Monsanto is not doing anything good toward the earth and human beings like us. It also gives further reasoning that the US Government is not doing any good for our health, including those bearing the names of Michelle Obama and Michael Bloomberg. The Monsanto Protection Act (also know as HR 933 Continuing Resolution) authored by the company in cooperation with the Junior Senator of Missouri, Roy Blunt shows clearly how the government who touts itself as protecting us failed.

We could save millions if not billions on avoided health check-up costs if GMO Foods are labeled as GMO Foods, as minimal, we could save even more if it is banned. The sad thing is how this has been ignored for years as opposed to trans-fats and sugars, including the failing of Proposition 37 in California, a law requiring the mandatory labeling of GMO Foods and other movements that have faced counter-movement ads from companies like Monsanto. Are we really protecting our own health? That's the question, and the recent response on a number of social media sites prove the regulation of GMO Foods should happen, and the right to know what food is GMO should happen as in Mandatory Labeling.

My question to you is, what's your thoughts on GMO Foods? Do you think it should be banned? Do you think it should have mandatory labeling? Comment below.

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